20 Years Later

A Human Being Died that Night has been reprinted as a MARINER BOOKS CLASSIC

I am very excited that my book has been reprinted by Mariner Books as a classic. The book has gone through several iterations. It has been published seven times, including translations in German, Dutch, Italian, and Korean.

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I would like to share some of the endorsements of the book at the time of its first release. Renowned writer JM Coetzee described the book as "a coolly intelligent analysis of how the conscience gets to be numbed; but also exploration of the workings of forgiveness."

Archbishop Tutu remarked that the book "tugs at our humanity and compassion."

Lance Morrow wrote as follows in TIME Magazine
"I know of no other story in real life where two such different protagonists have engaged with each other so closely, with such intense intimacy, with so much confusion and with so much respectful restraint."

I am very grateful to all of you who visit this website, and to all the readers that have engaged with my book in so many ways. Your comments in scholarly works and reviews have challenged me and opened new avenues of inquiry.

Here I was at the launch of the German publication of the book, which was co-hosted with The Study Group on Intergenerational Consequences of the Holocaust at the University of Cologne.

My ongoing reflection on the topics that inspired this book has led me to a rethinking of forgiveness -- not to diminish its significance, but rather to engage deeper with the processes that open the possibility of forgiveness. In my current work I have been writing about "repair" and deepening understanding of what a "reparative quest" entails after violence.

Of all the covers of the various publications, this cover of the hardcopy of the book stands out for me as my favourite. I love the thought that went into creating this artwork.

Please Note

A Human Being Died That Night is now available as a Mariner Books Classic on the Mariner website and at all leading online bookstores.

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